Willow Product Range

Willow Withies supply bundles of high quality willow as well as living willow in a range of varieties and sizes for you to create you own living sculpture or structure.

Our willow is grown here by us and is not imported.

We also supply a range of Do It Yourself Kits complete with step by step instructions for planting and building your living willow structures.

Our sister company 'Logs4you' supplies firewood logs and kindling, order your delivery of firewood logs to home here

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Do It Yourself (Living Willow) Kits
WIGWAM / DOME 1 Approximately 6ft diameter x 6ft high £35.00
WIGWAM / DOME 2 Approximately 6 1/2 ft x 8 ft high £50.00
ARBOUR Approximately 7ft long by 3ft deep £75.00
TUNNEL 6 ft Long Approximately 3ft wide by 6ft high £30.00
FEDGE - CRISS CROSS HEDGE Please contact us for a quotation tailored to your requirements
i.e. height, length, density etc.
Do it yourself (living willow) Kits

Living Willow
6ft approximately 150 rods per bundle £45.00 10ft approximately 40 rods per bundle £45.00
7ft approximately 100 rods per bundle £45.00 11ft approximately 35 rods per bundle £45.00
8ft approximately 80 rods per bundle £45.00 12ft approximately 30 rods per bundle £45.00
9ft approximately 50 rods per bundle £45.00 Longer lengths are available for you to collect.

Please note: Our living willow is not available from end of March until October.

Please contact us for availability, or to discuss your specific requirements

Bundle lengths

Coloured Willow Rods
For Living Sculpture Work
Bundle of different colours for weaving to create patterns or variation and texture.
Bundle of different colours approx. 100 £35.00  

Basketry Willow
These bundles require soaking in water for approximately one week prior to use
2ft 750 rods per bundle £18.50 6ft 300 rods per bundle £18.50
3ft 550 rods per bundle £18.50 7ft 250 rods per bundle £18.50
4ft 425 rods per bundle £18.50 Longer lengths may be available.
5ft 350 rods per bundle £18.50  
Please contact us for availability, or to discuss your specific requirements
Bundle length
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