The Willow Gallery

Welcome to the willow gallery.

Willow Structure

Above: Willow Structure by Katy Doncaster

Living willow structure
Above: Living Willow structure by Mario Brocchi Colonna - Italy

Willow sculpture

Above: Dragon Sculpture created in workshop by Sam Forsythe of Teeny Tiny World

Willow for insects

Above: Gardeners World magazine article - using our willow to create a garden insect santuary.
Download the article

Photos below are of works by John and Louise Shone of Rutland Willows

Willow Fox Sculpture

Willow Spitfire Sculpture

Willow sculpture

Willow Cat Sculpture

Willow arbhor

Willow pheasant sculpture

Willow boy sculpture

Willow lady sculpture

Willow containers

Willow stag sculpture

Willow duck sculpture

Willow falcon sculpture

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